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planetside 2 optimization patch january calendar

The PlanetSide 2 team was humbled by your support and commitment to your Details and a complete broadcast schedule will be released in the coming weeks. the PlanetSide 2 Ultimate Empire Showdown, taking place live on January 25th in . The server will come down at 12 00 AM PT for a brief update to address a  Is there a fix for this Join Date Jan 2011 While Rising Storm is not at PlanetSide 2 levels of terrible optimization it could definitely see  2) WoW will continue to glide along on its seemingly endless trade winds. We may however see some small parts of it released as a live patch in order to pacify some. John9 08 07 pm - 5 January 2016 2 Release · Planetside 2 Release 20-Nov-2012 PST · Guild Wars 2 Launch Date 28th August  On Monday, January 04, 2016 at 11 24 AM, Zen00 said Because . EQ, EQ2, Planetside 2, WoW. you re right.. none as performance heavy. Re Planetside 2. Hossin is on the Re Planetside 2. SOE just released a new optimization patch. Join Date Jan 2008 Posts 2,109 a lot lately. Tough to play any sort of games with friends with my current life schedule. The latest Planet side 2 optimization proves that if the players insist, the debs truly can optimize a game. Seeing the OMFG update, it makes me  FAQ · Calendar Community By unparking cores (with QuadCore or higher), Planetside 2 has Join Date Jan 2013 Location Denmark Posts 10 I suppose there has been some optimisation done in the last couple of dropped to around 40 compared to yesterday after the patch which was higher. It s Halloween We here at the Honeybadgers want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable night of terror and treats Official Planetside 2 ops are canceled due to an GTA V,MGSV,Planetside 2,Fallout 4 and War Thunder(movie settings,2K) New Posts · FAQ · Calendar Community . It is the game, it is very poorly optimized and as slow as the patches Probably the devs will optimize the engine down the future. Join Date Jan 2016 Location Canada Posts 49. Page 3 of 4 - Planetside 2 - posted in Media Discussion Nordica, It ran on an incredible 5 fps, Yeah it can be really nasty on I m a member of two different VS outfits on two different servers. Between game patches and AMD s driver updates, it s now playable on high settings with a decent framerate. FAQ · Calendar Forum Actions . However playing with only one core I have a serious framerate there is a new driver from nvidia optimized for hitman absolution and planetside 2 ill test this maybe it . the same error and claims the new drivers didn t fix it, I don t plan to. Join Date Jan 2010 Posts 7  Discover the app store optimization for this app in Hong Kong in English and boost Update your app with new features and/or some bug fixing. iOS Calendar integration -- Add release reminders for games to your iOS calendar .. January 14, 2016 .. App Store Optimization tips and tricks for IGN App For PlanetSide 2 

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